About Us

 Welcome to OhSoColorful Co. – the ultimate destination for vibrant and colorful stationery, gift items, and party favors. My name is Christiana and I am the Founder and Chief Designer at OhSoColorful Co.

My deep love for all things colorful, vibrant and sparkly are deeply rooted and inspired by the vibrant hues all around us. Everywhere you look, we are surrounded by colors and patterns. I created OhSoColorful Co. as a brand that celebrates the power of vibrant color in our everyday essentials. From journals that hold untold stories, to sparkling stickers that inspire, or a personalized gift for a friend who loves bold and unique products.

OhSoColorful Co. OhSoColorful Co. is a stationery and gifts brand that specializes in vibrant and personalized stationery, gift items, and party favors to brighten your day. Our products are all about adding a splash of color and a personal touch to your life and the lives of those you care about. We offer a range of products including high-quality journals, gift boxes for various occasions, daily essentials like drinkware, and party favor gifts. 

Whether you're jotting down dreams, sharing a thoughtful gift, or celebrating big moments, OhSoColorful Co. is here to add a pop of color and and positivity to every occasion. Join me on this colorful journey filled with love and hues.

Christiana - Founder & Designer